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Goldroad International (QINGDAO) Co., Ltd is a fast growing enterprise dedicated to manufacturing and selling high-quality Fitness Equipment parts, components, accessories. We supply the following items to the fitness industry; flywheels for cycling, treadmill motors; weight plates/stacks and other related parts (counter weights, guide rods, cables and specialty connectors) for strength machines. We are also a leading supplier of Bumper plates, dumbbells and barbells as well.

From material and processing, our products cover cast iron, cast steel, cast aluminum, injection molded (rubber and plastic) , machined steel parts, etc.

We are the key link between our customers and our factories, focused in supplying high quality parts and excellent service (s).

Please allow us to explain the important advantages of our cast and rubber factories.

Our cast factory is ISO9000 quality system certified. It was established in the early 1950s, and has been focused on casting for more than 60 years. With constant innovation in process controls and by continually upgrading our equipment and technology, our factory has the capability that less than 5% of the factories in our industry have achieved. We have various cast processes: sand cast, lost foam cast, shell mold, high precision cast, die cast (aluminum), ductile cast (iron) and silica sol mold cast (steel).

Our rubber factory is well established and is known for being creative and innovative with a group of the most talented rubber engineers in the industry. Established in 1983, our factory has been focused in various rubber and rubber sealing products for more than 30 years. In recent years, our Bumper plates, rubber bands, rubber coated products are leading in market due to excellent quality and using the most updated materials and chemical blends. Our Bumper plates are well known throughout the fitness industry and the Cross fit market.

We always keep adhering to the quality policy of "providing the fitness industries with qualified products and satisfactory service" and the quality goal of "99.5% of qualified rate for products" and "100% of satisfactory rate for customers", which makes it possible for our products to keep playing a leading role in the same industry in China.

We always strive to provide our customers with quality products and excellent service which allows us to play a leading role in the markets we serve both internationally and domestically in China as well. Our number one focus is always customer satisfaction.

Our sales team offers outstanding service and communication during the whole transaction process and follow-up.

Our engineering team provides constant technical support to our customers during the process and are available for immediate support whenever you need us. Our engineers work closely with our customers in an effort to improve current products and develop new items which meet our customer’s specific requirements.

Through endeavors in product innovation and quality control, we have earned the trust of many large well known international companies in the fitness equipment market, including some of the largest in North America and Europe. We take great pride in supplying the best quality products to our customers and giving them the best customer service they deserve.

We work hard every day to earn your business and will do whatever it takes to be sure our customers are satisfied. Please contact us with your inquiries or product needs.